Centennial Edition - Band 4

Band 4 der Gesamtausgabe von Hazrat Inayat Khan - Buch und Mystik


Band 4: Healing and the Mind World beinhaltet folgende Bücher: 

  • Health
  • Healing
  • Mental Purification
  • The Mind World

“Souls on earth are born imperfect and show imperfection, and from this they develop naturally, coming to perfection. If all were born perfect, then this creation would not have any purpose. And manifestation has taken place so that every being here may rise from imperfection toward perfection. That is the object and joy of life, and for that this world was created.” 

Hazrat Inayat Khan


“In Hazrat Inayat Khan’s teachings, the purification of the body leads to the purification of the breath, the purification of the breath leads to the purification of the mind, and the purification of the mind leads to the purification of the heart. The teachings in this volume touch on all four stages, with a primary focus on the purification of the mind.

Alongside Hazrat’s teachings on the mind, the volume contains extensive lectures on the subjects of health and healing, lectures which anticipate the findings of contemporary mind-body medicine. Taken together, these chapters constitute a comprehensive overview of the fundamental principles of Sufi healing.”

From the Introduction by Pir Zia Inayat-Khan 


Band 4 wird derzeit übersetzt und soll Ende 2021 erscheinen.